Scientific illustrations, modeling and graphic design

Scientific Illustration

When you submit a paper, your figures are the first thing the reviewers see. You want to make a great first impression. The figures’ appearance, consistency and design are critical and directly reflect the quality of your research. A good first impression can influence the reviewers’ approach to your manuscript and can make the difference between a good experience and a great experience.

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Models and Illustrations

Graphic models are indispensable in describing/visualizing methods, instruments, processes, results, and conclusions. A good scientific model will visually describe your work in a more concise and understandable way and makes your science more comprehensive and intriguing.


Figures are the showpiece of your manuscripts.
Figure style, layout, and uniformity are essential considerations and impact the way your work will be judged and interpreted.


Charts are used to describe complex processes. The more complex the process, the more important the visualization. Better visualization will increase the readers’ clarity and understanding.

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