About me

The combination of my two passions – art and science, makes me the most enthusiastic scientific graphic designer and illustrator. 

I truly enjoy what I’m doing and my clients feel it when working with me.

I have a very creative mind with an outstanding spatial vision and extraordinary mechanical perception. To ensure unique and outstanding results, I create all the vector graphics myself; I rarely use vectors from stock sites and always welcome a good challenge.

About my education: I have multiple degrees in sciences; from BA (molecular biochemistry) through MSc and Ph.D. (neuroscience and physiology) to 3 years of post-doctoral research (Diabetes). Thanks to my background, I can understand your project, research, advise, review, revise, direct your attention to anything missing and help you improve your visual communication, to be both effective and pleasing to the eye.

About my experience and service: To achieve the best results, you’ll need to describe your project and I need to completely and utterly understand all the aspects/mechanisms of the system/flow you need to present.

Working with me means that I become a part of your team; I’ll dive into your research, read the relevant papers and accompany you throughout the stages of the project.

I aim to put my clients and my client’s needs first and to always make my clients feel secure and have the confidence that I’m here for them. I encourage it by creating good communication, keeping my clients updated throughout the process, being available, fast responding and attendant to urgent issues. I have very high service awareness and I will not stop working on your project until you are fully content and happy with the results.  

Something you should know: I’m not a native English speaker but my English is fluent, on a good day.

Want to make your science beautiful?