Adobe Illustrator for scientific presentation and publication - Workshop outline


What is AI?
Vector graphics vs. raster

Create and define new files

File resolution
Resolution units
Color mode

Workspace setup

Panels and tool bars
Workspace and essential windows for the figure builder
Saving and managing the workspace


Change artboard size and units
Add and remove artboards
Move between artboards
Rearrange artboards
Edit artboard

Working with layers

Add and delete layers
Visibility and locking layers
Detect and select object within layer
Arrange layer and sublayer

View setup

Smart guides

Saving files and formats

Save files as vector
Export files and save as raster

File compression

Building the figure

Essential tools and windows for the figure builder:
Selection tool
Direct selection tool
Shape tool
Pathfinder window
Line segment tool
Pen tool
Pencil tool
Swatches and colors windows
Type tool and options
Stroke window
Character window
Alignment window
Appearance window

  • Now you can create charts, simple models and illustrations 

Managing images and photos

Import an image
Crop an image – crop and clipping mask

  • Now you can create figures composed of images and photos 

Managing graphs

Importing graphs from other software
Solution for graphs or traces that can’t be imported or missing sources

  • Now you can create figures composed of any graph or traces exported from any software

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